S5E05 – The One About The Latest Kickstarters

This week Bob and Ryan are kicking off the show by talking about the Welcome To… Outbreak expansion and PARKS. We check in with Ric to hear all about what its like playing games while holding a newborn in his series “Ric talks about board games while holding a baby”. In our topic of the show, we chat about some of the Kickstarter projects we’re currently excited about. We’ve got Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Seven Bridges, Time of Legends: DestiniesRuins of MarsDeadly Doodles 2 and ArchRavels.

Are you looking for some great games to play this Halloween season? Check out our annual list of games for your next spooky game night.

Timestamps for this episode:
[02:22] What we’ve been playing
[12:50] Ric Talks About Board Games While Holding a Baby
[16:05] Kickstarter Check-in

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