Fireball Island is Getting Restored

About a month ago I made a quasi-joke in a board game forum about Restoration Games making a big annoucement at GenCon about remaking the classic 80’s game Fireball Island. Not only am I shocked that this was true, but it makes me so excited that my kids will get to experience abother great game from my childhood!

Today at GenCon, Restoration Games made the annoucement that they have rebuilt this hard to find game from the ground up for the modern game audience. Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar will be launching as a Kickstarter project later this year.

This game was simple but so much fun back in 1986 when it was originally released by Milton Bradley. Your adventurer trekked through the island hoping not to get plowed over by the marble that the volcano spit out during the game.

According to Restoration Games, the restored version of the game features thoroughly revamped play, designed in-house by Rob Daviau, J.R. Honeycutt, and Justin D. Jacobson. The game will also feature all new art and a new model for Vul-Kar.

Check out the full press release from Restoration Games